Couples and Groups

Couples and groups are very entertaining for all parties involved.  Let's all relax and enjoy this little secret rendezvous.

If you would like me book a gorgeous hotel room for the adventure, please let me know when making the booking.

Please note that as of 29th March, any future booking for more than 1 month in advance, you will receive a 20% discount when booked and paid for completely.  If virus is still  around when booking comes around, you can move your booking to another date.

When you're curious, you will find lots of interesting things to do. -  Walt Disney

Couples or Groups (number not including myself).


Couple or 2 

$700 for 1 Hour 

$1300 for 2 hrs

Group of 3

$1000 for 1 hr

$1800 for 2 hrs


Anything longer or more people, please contact me for a price.

If you would like me to book a hotel for our little adventure, an extra cost of $300 will be added.

Created by Katt Mae.