Couples and Groups

Couples and groups are very entertaining for all parties involved.  Let's all relax and enjoy this little secret rendezvous.

If you would like me book a gorgeous hotel room for the adventure, please let me know when making the booking.

As we are able to start work again on July 10 2020 I have added some specials.  View monthly specials page for more. Please note that all bookings will require a 20% deposit.

When you're curious, you will find lots of interesting things to do. -  Walt Disney

Couples or Groups (number not including myself).


Couple or 2 

$700 for 1 Hour 

$1300 for 2 hrs

Group of 3

$1000 for 1 hr

$1800 for 2 hrs


Anything longer or more people, please contact me for a price.

If you would like me to book a hotel for our little adventure, an extra cost of $300 will be added.

Created by Katt Mae.