These are fun nights/days where everyone has a laugh and a good time.  I enjoy waitressing and being in lingerie or being naked.  I get turned on from the attention and then things get heated when the whipped cream is brought out.  I love to play truth or dare.  Toys come out in this game and everyone can get involved or a select few.

I loved to be touched and played with during the night/day.  As the night/day progresses those who have paid for extras can enjoy me in anyway they want whether that be in a group session or individual basis.  The people who have paid for extras are also able to take advantage of their extra services whenever they please throughout the night/day, they just need to ask and ask nicely.

Bucks Party Standard Services include:

  • Topless/naked/lingerie waitressing

  • Games (some games include extras, these will not be charged)

  • Toy show

  • Touching me

  • Eating food off me

Please note that as of 29th March, any future booking for more than 1 month in advance, you will receive a 20% discount when booked and paid for completely.  If virus is still  around when booking comes around, you can move your booking to another date.

Do what do you do well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends. - Walt Disney

Bucks party rates:

$1800 for 12hrs with Standard Bucks Services

$2700 for 18hrs with Standard Bucks Services

$3600 for 24hrs with Standard Bucks Services


Price for Bucks Party extra services:

Per Person $800 for 12hrs

Per Person $1000 for 18hrs

Per Person $1200 for 24hrs

Created by Katt Mae.