Balancing work and personal life

Balancing work and escort life was really hard in the beginning. I was just starting out and didn’t want to turn the work down. I was working 24hrs a day when I could and getting really run down. For those don’t know, yes I have a child. Surprising I know, look at me. Kidding! But juggling being a mother, working full time and keeping this all from family took its toll. So changes needed to be made.

I decided to join a gym. It got me out of the house, rather than sitting around and waiting for the phone to ring and getting fat. That took 2 hours of my day and that was my personal time. I reduced my hours at night. And only worked during school hours when my son was home. When my son is around, very rarely will I look at my phone. My time is with him in that moment.

But this was still wearing me down. Some months were busier than others and the weeks I had my son were a blessing so I could catch up on lost sleep but still work during school hours. So I reduced the amount of clients I would see in a day. From as many as I could see to 1 or 2. This then let me plan my week a little better. If I knew an overnight client was coming up, I wouldn’t see any clients during that day and catch up on sleep, so the next day I could see clients. Rest is very important and limiting the amount of clients I see in a day.

I do like to take care of myself and having clients in and out down there does take its toll. I like the best for my clients and my pussy is very well taken care of. Mentally it takes it toll as well, so I always allow time for me. Doing something that I enjoy. Like catching up on a favourite show, doing jigsaw puzzles, watching Disney or building lego. Something that would take my mind off work and just escape for a little while.

But now in my daily routine, I live by my google calendar. I schedule in everything from going to the gym to when I do my washing. Then schedule in clients according to that. I am very routine oriented. My taxes and monthly accounting get done all on the same day every month. I tan in my back yard the same time every day. My washing always gets done on the weekend. My time with my son and family is always first though. But he is at the age now where it’s embarrassing to be seen with his mother. Unless he wants something of course. My social life unfortunately does come third sometimes, but they understand.

Financially it is easy. I work on spreadsheets and budget just like everyone else. But I have to add a tax portion into my budget unlike most people. That’s pretty much it financially.

But each person has their own way of balancing their life and this is just mine. There are girls out there that do see as many clients as possible in a day and that's fine. You just need to find out what works for you.

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