Client Requests

I love hearing the requests I get from clients and new enquiries. Some can be basic and some can be very out there and pushing my own boundaries. When I get the requests the push my boundaries, I nicely decline and try my best to refer them to someone else who can do that for them. Below are some examples of the different requests I get.

The basic requests can be certain positions, names they want to call me, clothes or linger to wear or play with a particular toy. These are just fine and I love these ones. Simple but fun. My favourite request is positions. I do enjoy sex a lot so when a client requests we do doggy for instance. It blows their mind! Most of the time, its because their partner/wife refuses to do anything other than missionary or spooning or not at all. I'm glad I can fulfil that request for them. I have had one person want to call my by their sister in laws name and dress like her. That was fun. I also have clients that don't want sex at all, just someone to talk to while I scratch their back with my nails gently, like back tickles. Everyone loves those! Even wearing something like a bikini is a massive turn on for men. I have so many to choose from its not funny.

The requests that push my boundaries are usually something a Dom would do. Im very vanilla to be honest with you. This is usually fisting on me or them, hurting them or me and anything that’s me feel uncomfortable. Like I said I’m very vanilla. I do certain things with clients when trust has been built but it takes time to get to that stage. But once again if it's not something I am comfortable with, I will decline the job or refer them to someone who does. I have had some insane requests that illegal and hopefully are a joke. But still they come through. An example is getting a dog to lick my pussy while the person watches. Disgusting and illegal but it has come through a few times this year.

But as I always say no question is a stupid one. So if there is anything in particular you want do always ask me. No harm in asking. We do want to make this experience the best for you.

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