Coming out as an Escort

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Coming out as an escort was one of the hardest things I have had to go through and it wasn’t my choice to come out. When I first started in the escort industry, I only had told 2 friends who I knew wouldn't judge me. They kept my secret and it was something we could talk laugh about it. but it was also a safety thing. I needed someone to know where I was.

Coming out as an escort should be our choice. I refer this to a situation like coming out as a certain sexuality. It is a very personal thing that is our own choice to come out. I had major trust issues from a previous relationship that made it very hard for me to tell people about my life. This choice was taken away from me by a friend of mine who took it upon herself to tell all our friends and the father of my child, who needed to hear it from me. She decided to tell everyone rather than come to me and find out the facts first. I didn’t know any of this for 6 months.

This all came to light one night at my sister’s wedding where it was talked about behind my back. Someone decided they would tell my parents, who had no idea what they were talking about of course. My parents then confronted me about it one night 2 weeks later and at the point I told them everything. Funny thing was, I was going to tell them 2 weeks later when I had returned to normal life after a weeks holiday. I answered their questions, some of them very awkward to answer to your parents, but I didn’t want to lie to them anymore. I asked them to not mention this anyone else until I returned from holiday. When I returned a week later, all the family was then told and then through the grapevine of usual family gossip.

When I found out that my friends knew, I had very bad anxiety and got very sick. I couldn’t work for 3 weeks, was stressed out and the gym and my son were the only thing that made feel ok. Until one day a good friend of mine in Sydney gave me some good advice. From that second on my outlook on the situation changed and my outlook on everything changed. I realised that this wasn’t my problem with my profession, it was their problem and I shouldn’t let it get to me. They decided to act like teenagers rather than adults and talk to me about it. Some came to me and we talked about it.

I had lied to everyone about my profession for 1.5 years before it all came to light. I wish I had the courage and the trust in myself and them that it would be ok. I knew my family wouldn’t approve and they still don’t to a degree, but they know my son is safe and that I work safely and that’s all that matters.

Now, I don’t care who knows. It’s your problem with my profession, not mine. I wish I had the choice to come out before everyone formed their judgements and opinions before knowing the truth. So, my advice to escorts who are struggling with this, come out but do it on your own terms. Remember it’s their problem, not yours. You are happy and this is the profession you want to be in. Society needs to catch up with the times and realise this profession isn’t as disgusting and bad as it’s made out to be on tv and movies. It’s so much more then laying on your back or being on your knees.

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