Dating clients

Dating clients.... to do it or not to do it? It takes a very strong comfortable man to be able to accept what we do. Our time with clients can be amazing and the connection that we form can sometimes lead to dating. Believe me I have dated 3 clients. Each client I have dated ended for their own different reasons and they each had their own perspective on my chosen career. They also taught me a lot about myself and what I want in a relationship.

Client number 1. One of the very first clients I ever saw. Fell for him instantly and feel hard. But he didn't want me to continue to do this job while we were dating. I was doing this part time then so it was no big deal to quit then. But one day I realised this relationship wasn't going anywhere and I found out about his past. I ended it after 8 months and they were very very dark 8 months. This relationship taught me about liars and to trust my gut. Also that no man is going to change me and my career. I am happy in this career and no man can change that.

Client number 2. My weakness and always will be. I had heart palpitations with this client and that electricity between us like I have never felt before in my life! He was one of my first clients going full time. We met in Melbourne and our date and time together is something I will remember for the rest of my life. He loved my job! Wanted me to talk about it all the time. To the point where he forgot that I was a normal person as well. So I ended this one after a year after he couldn't make the effort to see me as much as I travelled to Melbourne to see him. This relationship taught me that my job doesn't define who I am. Being an escort is my job, not my life. Yes I enjoy my job, but I'm not my job. I have everyday problems just like everyone else.

Client number 3. Amazing chemistry, great conversation. Our time together was beautiful. I thought dating a FIFO worker would be perfect as I am a very independent person and like my space. It turned out that when he was away for 4 weeks, we seen each other more through Facetime then when he was home for 4 weeks and we lived in the same suburb. I felt used rather than being in a relationship with someone who supposedly loved me. I ended that one after 6 months. This one relationship taught me to trust myself and speak up when something isn't right in a relationship.

I do see some clients outside of the bedroom as we have found out through some very weird ways that we have the same group of friends, but nothing on an intimate level unless its paid for. You have to know the boundaries guys and asking for it for free is very insulting. This is our job and our livelihood.

Some escorts have met the love of their life through their job and I say great and I'm happy for them. I don't have time to meet anyone outside of my job. I have a family that I need to take care of, I study, I work and spend a lot of time at the gym. My life is pretty full. But if that right person came along, of course I would make time for them. As long as they don't lie, have the time for me when I have the time for them and are comfortable with the job I do then there are no problems in me dating another client. That doesn't mean that every client can ask me out from now on.

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