Etiquette for contacting an Escort

I was researching for something else when I came across this website that was great! It listed everything that men should know before hiring an escort and when she arrives or when you arrive to see her. To me it was common sense but for some guys it will be a reminder or an insightful look at how we need to be treated. Yes, us escorts are human beings as well and need to be treated with respect just like we show you.

Contacting an escort for the first time

Make sure you have read their profile and website before contacting them as they may not provide the service you are after. She maybe gorgeous but not do what you are looking for. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time here. So have a look through their profile as they may also accept calls only or texts only or never answer private numbers.

It may be nerve racking when contacting us for the first time. Start with the following things:

  • · Name

  • · Age

  • · Incall or outcall

  • · If outcall, which suburb or hotel

  • · Length of booking

  • · The type of service you are interested in

  • · Method of payment

This makes for easier communication between us both. So instead of us asking all these questions and the process taking longer, its easier to have them straight up. If you have contacted an escort and she doesn’t provide the specific service you are after, she can let you know straight away rather than wasting both your time and her time. Most escorts ignore texts that say ‘hi’ or ‘are you available’ as it’s a waste of our time and very disrespectful. So do the right thing and contact us in a polite way. Yes, we will ask more security questions, but this is a perfect way to start a great client/escort relationship.

When working out the method payment, note that all escorts are different and may only offer cash only options. Some offer PayPal, EFTPOS or Direct Debit as well. So, it’s good to decide how you will pay as fees may apply.

Always remember to never haggle with the price. We set our prices for a reason and its very disrespectful to haggle. We are not a stall at a market in Asia.

Answer the security questions honestly. The whole 'I'm to famous to give out my details', well I'm sorry but my 'famous' clients answer all the questions honestly than anyone else. Most of us girls can read into texts and calls very well and pick up on liars and any bullshit you may spin at us. We are great bullshit detectors! Remember this is for our safety and your discretion. We can say no to your requests at any time we feel something isn’t right. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to us. Well for me it is anyway.

When an escort or the client arrives

When a client arrives to see an escort, they must be neat and tidy, have fresh breath and have the payment method ready. If the client is paying in cash, it must be the correct amount and, in an envelope preferably. The escort will ask you to shower and freshen up. This makes for both of us a pleasant experience.

When an escort comes to you, she will be clean and tidy. We will have all the requirements to complete our job. Payment is sorted as soon as we arrive as per discussion when making the booking. We may ask you to shower again if we feel the need to. But please be clean and tidy and have fresh breath as once again this makes for a more pleasant experience.

Be confident and courteous

How much we enjoy ourselves depends on actions from both sides. We need to show respect and be kind to you and make you feel at ease. But you also need to show us respect and be kind.

If an escort can see that you are nervous it is in our best interest to make you feel at ease and calm your nerves. Gifts or tips are the perfect way to treat an escort who gives you a great experience. Gifts are not expected but if you receive an amazing experience, gift them or tip them to show your appreciation. Your next experience may be even better!

If an escort feels unsafe from your actions or what you say, she may leave or ask you to leave immediately. So be kind and respectful and you will receive that in return and an amazing experience.

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