What made me become an escort

Well that’s a hard one to explain. But a few different reasons really. The thing we all need is money so that was a deciding factor. But the others were that fact that I was always interested in this industry, I enjoy sex and why the hell not!

I first started in February 2017 as a Sugar baby. I was really scared but needed the money and thought I would try it. Was scary as hell. But went ahead with it. I didn’t like it to be honest with you. Felt dirty. So I stopped for a a month or so. Another bill came in and thought I would try it again. But I did it differently this time. Tried new ways of advertising and screening. Been loving it since.

I did lots of research during the year of 2017 on the industry, laws, other girls and where to advertise. But what really made me want to do this amazing job full time was reading Samantha X’s books. Reading about her, her life and starting out as an escort as well. It really helped me a lot. She gave me the confidence to do it myself. Reading her experiences and some funny some not, just helped me understand this job a lot more.

I got out of a messy relationship in January, was in a job I hated, was doing this part time and knew I needed a change. So I quit that job I hated and started this full time in January 2018. Doing this full time was the best decision I made. It has lead me to meet incredible people, go incredible places and really get to understand who I am and what I want in life.

It’s not an easy job. It takes it toll on you mentally and physically if you let it. I have balanced my life in a way where it doesn’t anymore. But it took me a year or so to work that out. My clients are amazing and I love meeting new ones. I do wish to meet more escorts and share stories and be there for support for new girls. I wish I had that when I started. But all in good time. This job is honestly the best though if you can make it work with your life and not let it take over. Have you own time as well.

But there are my reasons. Interesting and different. But everyone has a different story to tell and different why we do things.

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